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Backendtechnology is a team of coders and designers . And we're on a mission. It's a mission about Online Businesses, not Websites. It's a mission about giving customers the tools and skills to build what they are asking for. It's a mission about making technology that helps business owners succeed in today's challenging business environment.

The Mission - Online Businesses, Not Websites

Websites are soooo 1997. The vast majority of websites on the web (excluding, of course, the more notorious kind) are business websites. Let's examine that term - business websites. Websites built for the purpose of generating or assisting businesses. Business websites have common attributes - they often have business related goals; they often have contact forms and other methods to capture sales inquiries; they might sell products; they often contain product and service information and so on and so on.

It's these common attributes that show us why taking a "website" mindset is so wrong. A website is just some pages in a browser. An Online Business, however, has business goals - marketing, sales, customer service and so on.

We believe that Online Businesses are what 99% of your clients are looking for. We believed back in 2004 that a website mindset is unproductive and unhelpful, and we still believe it now.

Backendtechnology has a platform built for Online Businesses - with business goals and business tools and business.. well, everything. It's also a platform designed to help you, as a web professional, to build Online Businesses. So you can see - we're pretty serious about this Online Business thing. That's why it's our mission to help you build Online Businesses, not Websites.